The Collector's Eye

Opening Jan 20, 2018 6-8 pm

Offroad Productions • 2891-B Trades West Road

(open by appointment January 22-27 •  505-670-9276)


Kaelen Green is exhibiting all new work in January, representing collectors Lee Swanson and Brooke Roberts.

Tentaculara I,  graphite on panel, 12 x 12"

Tentaculara I, graphite on panel, 12 x 12"

From Offroad Productions:

Museums and some galleries feature shows from time to time that are comprised of a collection assembled by an art patron that specifically highlights that collector’s taste and aesthetic.  The best ones reflect the thought and care that went into acquisitions which illustrate the uniquely personal vision of that Collector.

This is a show like none we’ve ever done before.  It’s an idea that finally worked into the schedule after a couple of years of considerations.  Originally, the concept was to find a singular Collector who would be interested in the role of Curator for one of our quarterly shows.  But that proved difficult in scheduling and coordinating.  So the idea evolved into  assembling a group of 7 Collectors who would commit to curating 7 artists (1 artist per Collector) to produce a show reflecting each Collector's ideas about the contemporary art they are most interested in.

Some of the Collectors are acting as a partnership with each other within their relationship, as they collect together.  Others are individual Collectors who have been buying works that primarily reflect their singular vision.  Each Collector or Collector Partnership has chosen one artist they feel represents their eye for the show.  None of the Collectors have been in contact with each other and some have never met, so the resulting combination of works will be an interesting mix of personal taste and aesthetic  through individual curation, brought together and assembled  into one show offering a unique presentation of combined curation.

Collectors as Curators:

Scott Allocco & Douglas Clark • Robin Black • Rod Boren

Sande Deitch • George Goldstein • Jenna & Wilson Scanlan

Lee Swanson & Brooke Roberts

Artists representing Collectors:

Stacy Brown • Denise Duong • Kaelen Green • Joanne Lefrak

Steven R. Mendelson • Max Woltman • Cedra Wood

Selkie , graphite on panel, 8 x 8"

Selkie, graphite on panel, 8 x 8"

Familiar Hiss , graphite on paper, 12 x 12"

Familiar Hiss, graphite on paper, 12 x 12"

New drawings on panel

The majority of the work I am exhibiting in the collector's eye is drawn on panel. This is a departure for me, as paper has been my longtime companion. New materials push the artist to experiment and find new possibilities. I have found with panel a certain immediacy in the drawings. There is no need to frame these pieces behind glass, so the drawing itself is a "ready art object," with less fragility. That departure appealed to me, as well as the challenges of the drawing surface itself. -KG