Due to the proliferation of digital photography, our lives are now saturated with imagery. This is, in many ways, an exciting opportunity. Yet I find that nothing is able to distill time, emotion and experience into imagery quite like a drawing. I memorialize moments in my own life this way and I enjoy sharing that process with others.  

I am available for commissions. I work exclusively in graphite on paper, but scale can vary and content has no limits. Portraits are always welcome but so are a great variety of subjects, so I invite your imagination. I discuss proposals before offering estimates. If you have an idea for a commission, please contact me. 

Rose,  2015

Rose, 2015

Blessing,  2015

Blessing, 2015

Hippo and Dino , 2017

Hippo and Dino, 2017

Graham , 2017

Graham, 2017